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Raising a pair. Siblings. Male female. pros cons.


Savannah Super Cat
We are getting ready to buy a pair of kittens :) we have 2 breeders lined up both have male/female siblings. F2s. We made several mistakes with our first SV the worst of which we lost him out of an open door. We pretty much know what we did wrong there but we also failed on getting him socialized to both of us. By reading this forum I'm kinda getting where we went wrong there too.

So here's the questions.
Buying siblings good idea or bad? They will have begun bonding to each other and maybe it will be difficult to break that bond and bond to us?

Male v female. We are well aware of the difference. I've heard some say female SVs don't make good house pets. Haven't had a female but our other female cats are quite a bit more pissy.

Regardless of whether we buy siblings or not are we going to have to keep the pair isolated from each other to accomplish the kitten/human bonding?

Leash training is a must. We can take our cats to work with us to complete the bonding. And we just like our cats :)

Just a few questions. Appreciate the feedback. Both litters are in the 4 week range so kittens aren't far. We actually get to go see one of the pairs tomorrow :)


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think it feels nice to have siblings... but yes, there is that bonding which could potentially hamper their bonding to you humans. If that bonding is important to you then yes, you would need to quarantine them separately to ensure they really did bond to you too. It would make those weeks difficult, but they won't forget each other so you aren't doing any irreparable harm there...

I don't believe females make bad pets! Where did you read that? My heart kitty here is my F1 girl Missy...there's no better than that sweet crazy silly girl! I think the girls can be naughtier, more mischievous and the ring leaders of trouble... but then I like the trouble :)


Reincarnated cat Moderator
My Kilifi who is my shadow and lover is great...and a little girl. I think girls make great companions.


Savannah Super Cat
Yeah I don't buy that either. A little more assertive and troublesome but a bad house pet?? It was one of the breeders that said that. And she has a female she would sell me too.


Staff member
How many weeks Brigitte?
We usually recommend 2 weeks quarantine. If it takes one or both cats longer to bond and relax with the humans, then the quarantine should be extended. Sometimes it takes reuniting the kittens again to get full bonding with humans. Depends on the cats.

One of my F2s came to me slightly unsocialized and needing treatment for coccidia & giardia. As a consequence, he was in quarantine for 4 wks. He did not begin to trust to me until he was interacting with the other cats and saw how they interacted with me. They are individuals, so you just have to observe their behavior and go with your gut instincts.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Female cats/kittens not making good house pets? Nonsense. I honestly see a tad more intelligence in the girls vs the boys (sometimes a LOT more, lol)....our girls are naughtier and more active than our laid back-boys, and like Brigitte, my heart kitty is a girl....I love her intelligence, sass, troublesome side, sweetness and truly funny nature :)

And welcome to the forum, Steve!


Savannah Super Cat
I have two girls and a boy. The younger sv girl, about a 1 1/2 yrs, is the most demanding, most likely to create a scene. The other sv girl , 4 yrs, is probably the most well behaved cat I have ever had. She never causes any type of trouble, or unwanted behavior. Except for her obsession with my hermit crabs, but isn't very persistent. She managed to get them all out once. And my 10 month old sv boy is up there with the younger girl, but is more chill. I've never really noticed any differences between males and females in terms of personality. I've had all kinds of cats growing up, and still do lol. I will say though that the males seem more likely to follow you around the house.


Staff member
I think there is a difference between an intact female and a spayed female. As others have said, girls in general seem more intelligent and more prone to get into mischief, but otherwise, if spayed I do not see much of a difference in their personalities or behavior.