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Random Ruminations on Savannah Ownership


Staff member
and by ownership, I mean SVs owning us;)

We always talk about how our SVs are social and engaged with us, sort of like second shadows. I remember my husband's and my training period when we got our first SV. How we had to learn to always watch where we were walking, never close a door or appliance without checking first for a cat. There were so many things we had to change in our routines and our lives. But it became second nature after a few months. Today it all came back to me. The cats are outside on the patio and I was like a little kid skipping around the house and was able to:

pack for a trip without hauling cats out of the suitcase and without the howling zoomies that happen when they know I'm going away;
empty the dishwasher unsupervised and I even left some of the cabinets open while I was doing it;
enter the pantry without having to get on hands & knees to drag a cat out from under lower shelves or pull the ladder out to fetch them from higher shelves;
luxury of all luxuries -- left the toilet paper conveniently within reach all afternoon;
ate lunch without a cat on my head, one on the plate & one in my lap;
enter any room or closet and not have to wrestle with a cat to keep him out

It is the little things in life that bring us pleasure. My freedom will end soon. Their little faces are plastered to the door. It's an hour before dinner and they want to be sure I don't forget to feed them.


Staff member
How true it is ;) I thought about the same thing yesterday when taj and Zuri were out in the enclosure and I was able to vacuum without them chasing the vacuum, make the bed without them diving in it and trying to catch the sheets and chasing imaginary playthings, open the closet door and not have a savannah cat try to run in or run in and refuse to come out ;)

But then I missed them and let them in :roflmao:


Savannah Super Cat
laugh, unfortunately my day started by having to search for the muffin that I put in a sandwich bag to take to work .... turned my back, and some little fuzzy man stole it (again)! Turned out he was just making sure I didn't leave with out it because I found it in my shoe :) didn't look much like a banana muffin any more, grin.


Those small luxuries are amazing, we all would do anything for our cats so I am sure it feels weird being able to move freely without accomodating to them lol. I have made some major adjustments as well in how I walk to avoid accidentally kicking a cat who may be weaving between my legs/feet.. My sleeping and sitting positions have changed as well to make room for Keljin to sleep where he wants to lol.