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Raw Diet Problems


Savannah Super Cat
Hi, I currently feed my cat a raw diet that consists of chicken thigh, drums, liver, hearts, gizzards and added supplements. He has done very well on this diet. Recently I had an abundance of Venison so I mixed about a quarter venison in the with recipe. His stool seemed to not be the hard type I was use to cleaning up and had become somewhat of a loose stool but not diarrhea. After about a week and a half I have noticed he has been going to the bathroom 2-3 times a day (loose stool) which has increased significantly. Do you think this is caused by the change in the diet and I should stop feeding this and make a batch of the old food or could this be a different problem?


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Sounds like it might be too rich for him. I would make a new batch without it to try. If it doesn't go away after a week or two then you'll know.


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Alternatively, you could cut what you have of the mix with more chicken to thin out the amount of venison in the mix so that you don't have to toss everything and see if it doesn't improve. You might also want to deworm him if this isn't something you do on a routine basis, and give him some probiotics as well.

John Popp

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Not sure how much food your talking about, but I would immediately get him back on the chicken. Once the stools are stable, I would attempt to feed him the current mixture for a single meal every other day. If that works, move to every other meal and you'll pretty much be out of the woods on whatever food you have left.

Personally, I have never been successful blending foods together. It's like their taste buds have genetic road maps and can figure out that you mixed Turkey organs with chicken or chicken organs with rabbit. I just totally gave up on it as trying to dilute the problem just made it bigger.

Additionally, I have been doing much coarser grinds on things and leaving the organs whole. While not eating the livers won't get them a pass, I will cut back on them and perhaps grind them up in an effort to fly them under the radar (they'll still know they're there and begrudgingly eat them).