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Raw Diets


Savannah Super Cat
Can someone tell me what they use in their raw diets and how it’s presented for their cats. My vet doesn’t agree with raw telling me my cats could get a parasite or salmonella but I read about so many cat parents using it I don’t agree with her. Especially now. I also have a Maine Coon and recently read they also would do well on raw. Any advice is appreciated.

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There are a few ways to feed raw -- meat/organ/bone chunks, ground, whole prey. It's crucial to understand the importance of a balanced diet when feeding raw. The sites below contain information you need to decide what to feed and how to feed raw.



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My vet too scorned me for feeding raw, giving all the horror stories about parasites, and making me feel like an imbecile for doing so. Needless to say I changed my vet. (have a great one now) My boys are on a mix of raw, kibble and cooked meat with occasional fish.
They do brilliantly on it. There's lots of fantastic advice here on Savannah catchat which I found invaluable. Don't let the vet put you off. Some cats don't take to being fed raw food, but the majority of them do very well indeed on it.