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Raw Feeding cost vs. quality canned/dry/dehydrated cost


Savannah Super Cat
I am researching a new diet for my savannah kitten, Nylah to start introducing to her in a few weeks (gradually of course) and am going over the pros and cons of raw vs canned, the cost/quality of certain canned foods vs raw food, etc. and my question is:

Approximately how much money per pound do you raw feeders estimate that the cost is when you're all said and done preparing a batch of food?


Savannah Super Cat
I don't make my own raw, we've been buying Primal (for cats) Raw Rabbit. It comes in a 3lb bag & that lasts us a little over two weeks & is about $32.

I know raw isn't for everyone, but we love it and I wish it wouldn't have taken Kovu so long to get on board. Kovu gained a lot of weight by over eating kibble as a kitten. 1) Our automatic dispenser was putting out more than we thought and 2) Kovu figured out how to get the dispenser to put out more by sticking his paw up into the opening. -_- He is too smart for his own good. Anyway, we did away with the kibble & he is on raw only. His energy level is through the roof & he's gone from 20lbs at 10 months old to 15lbs at 1 year old.

Good luck!


It cost me about 90 cents a pound to make raw. For chicken leg quarters, wild trax, and organ meat.


Savannah Super Cat
I just made up a batch for the month...which now I realized is gonna only get me 3 weeks...Loki is eating more :)....I bought a whole chicken, hearts, and some livers...add the its about $8-$10 for the food for 3-4 weeks...grinder was $200 , foulnd that grinding on the largest plate works best..keeps the meat more chunky...he likes it better that way..other than some time and clean up...not bad at all...takes me about 30 mins to make up his food for the month. fyi,....He also gets Royal Canin Kitten kibble dry food which stays out for him to eat when ever he wants.