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raw food

cheech and anna

Savannah Adult
ok, its my 1st time feeding them a chicken drum stick, so what do i do?.... throw it at them and run, wave it around making chicken noises, please help,, your advice is very well received........... many thanks, brian

cheech and anna

Savannah Adult
I throw and run...:-D
hey Jacq

thanks for advice, i'm gonna wait and see if anyone posts any other idea's.
throw and run was what i thought, but its -2c here and i don't do cold, and i'm not standing outside while the sv's just stand there and look at it before returning to the radiator that is made of warm.....


Savannah Super Cat
well it depends on the raw. if its ground then i just put some out in their food bowl. If its whole prey or franken prey, i crate feed them. if i dont do it then they will drag it into the corner and eat it there. i dont lock the crate though. makes them feel safe being in there. i learned the first time when i just left it out and they dragged it all over the floor. wasn't fun cleaning that up.

oh and i wouldnt feed them a drumstick either. wings or necks if its chicken. i do mostly ground chicken and will give whole quail some times.

Bravo 6

I feed mine raw ground. Back when I had my first SV years ago the breeder (Joyce) told me to lightly boil whole pieces for just a few seconds to kill any surface bacteria, don't feed whole pieces anymore but if I did I might do it still, not sure if it's necessary to boil real quick as look at what wild cats eat!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think just offer it to them and see. Different cats will react differently to it. Most will start licking it and work it out, some might need you to cut a few bits off it for them to realize there's meat there they might want to gnaw off... and some may really not be interested if they are raised on a kibble or canned diet to date.

My rule with chicken is to make sure it is fresh, if it doesn't smell good enough for me to consider cooking and eating it myself I would not feed it raw to my cats...