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Read this - it is all so scary

Per Lausund

Staff member
And the horses, though not in perfect condition, certainly did not seem to be suffering in any way that a good brushing wouldn´t cure!

As I have recounted countless times, ALF and PETA are linked (also to ecoterrorism) and to the HSUS by proxy, so please read!



Staff member
Ok, so I need to do something to vent or I'll explode. I'm currently writing to the new director of our local HS about the use of HS in its title and including info from Pers links as well as others. Goal -- get the name changed. Hades may ice over before I'm successful but if I would--by some miracle--succeed, the local media attention to the name change could do some good on a broader scale. The roots of our local shelter run very deep but nothing ventured, nothing gained.