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Reasonably priced F1's and F2's please!

Trish Allearz

You may want to edit your post, Diane, to specifically what you are looking for (top post- original post). Otherwise, there are a lot of wonderfully priced nonpermissible colors out there- I obviously have two gorgeous blues and I know Darlynne has a handsome snow or two. So put in your OP that you are looking for a warm BST and that will help narrow it down some :D


Site Supporter
I told Loki he better behave, he meets your criteria. Haha, I could never part with him, though.

Trish Allearz

Ladies-- there are rules for listing kitties for sale on this site :) If Nancy would like to participate on the site as other breeders do, that'd be great, but otherwise, we frown upon people joining just to sell.

This site is based off of people working together and is not a sales site :)