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Rest in Peace, Cersei!


Staff member
Trish's girl, Cersei, who we have seen pics of here and who went to live in her forever home not too long ago, died in a house fire two days ago :( The family who owned Cersei lost their dog as well...what a tragedy!!!

RIP Cersei!!! We will miss you!


Embarking on new and exciting territory
oh what heart breaking news. we have mr. jon snow from the same litter and couldnt be more in love. truly cannot imagine the pain of it all.

MK Anderson

I just was getting caught up on FB and read that post, Trish!!! I'm so sorry and sad for the family and you for the loss!!! How heartbreaking :(

Trish Allearz

Yes, her Momma sent me photos of Cersei (she had renamed her Coco) today... This was the hardest photo to see though... My poor baby girl.


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