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Rest In Peace Trouble!


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For those of you that don't know Trouble, he was four years old, owned by Debby Maraspini, a wonderful Savannah ambassador and the 2011-12 World's Tallest Cat (Guinness Book of World Records)! Trouble was a wonderful, sweet boy and will be missed by the entire savannah community!

I did not personally know Trouble, but only of him, from speaking with those that knew him and seeing his photos.

On Sunday evening at 8pm PST (I think), we will all be lighting candles for Trouble, so please join us!

RIP Trouble - you are loved and missed by all!

MK Anderson

I'm so sad and it's such a tragic loss! RIP Trouble you will be missed by all!!!!


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Celina designed this in memorial of Trouble. For those that don't know him, he was an F2 that was returned to Debby because he was "too much trouble"- he was to active for the cats the owner already had. He just kept growing and is the current official Guinness book world's tallest domestic cat. But more than that, Trouble is a big clown and very attached to Debby and visa versa. She took him everywhere, to the bank, to shows. He was a wonderful Savannah advocate.

Savannahs are all special but once in a while a REALLY special one comes along and climbs into our heart.


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That's really sad news. I knew trouble from all the pictures and he just seemed like the sweetest cat. I'm really sorry to hear he's gone :( My heart goes out to Debby, this must be such a difficult time to get through. RIP Trouble.