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Rest in Peace, Vanessa from Shuttle Pet

Trish Allearz

So... Vanessa was this lovely, spirited lady who worked a lifetime at a normal job and one day, quit and did the job she always dreamed of-- she transported pets from one coast to the other, all over the country. Breeders' dogs, rescue dogs, puppies, etc-- and yes, she also transported cats and yes, she helped transport Savannahs.

Yesterday, there was an SOS put out by her daughter that she had not made the drop off of a pet to its destination and she had not been heard from. We all posted and crossposted MIA posts all over Facebook and this morning, there was hopeful news that Vanessa's RV had been found and although the front end was damaged, the police had taken Vanessa to a pet friendly hotel and she had checked in (remember, she had a client's dog with her.)

Sometime today, the family received the news that Vanessa had passed away in the hotel room.

You know-- some people, you only know a little bit through the internet and forums and maybe by just watching their spirit as they interact with others. Vanessa was an animal lover through and through. She was a good person and I hope when she left this earth, the Rainbow Bridge crowded around her and rejoiced in seeing her.

It's just heartbreaking sometimes. Even when you weren't close to the person. Life is pretty fleeting.


Savannah Super Cat
Oh my gosh how sad. I had her page on my Facebook I always enjoyed hearing about her adventures I just wondered why I hadn't seen anything from her in a while. She seemed like such a good person. Rip Vanessa. I'll be sending prayers and good vibes to the family

"Those who wander aren't always lost"