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Savannah Super Cat

I post here because it not a savannah cat. Abbas going very well.

Mia have the virus Rhino since she are two weeks old. My girlfriend found her like this with his sister, but only Mia survived.

My girlfriend and me dont know what to do, we give to her many médication but nothing worth, her eyes still itchy, her nose sneeze green, she always have secretion and perhap she have difficult to breath.

She eat well.

Mia cost a lot, between 50-100$/month of medication.

We think to find a new family but who want a cat already sick with a medication for Life ?

So i need some advice.



Staff member
I'm not sure what to tell you, you are right, it will be hard to rehome a chronically ill cat. Have you tried antihistamines? Sometimes they will give some relief from the itching and runny noses and eyes. Also, if she is blowing green snot she may have a secondary bacterial infection so might benefit from antibiotics if you haven't given her any recently.