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Savannah Super Cat

I'm come back to vet with Abbas and he have an episode of Rhinotracheitis. He dont have ulcer in theses eyes, but i need to give ''Maxitrol'' 3 times per day in each eye and Clavaseptin twice a day.

When i bought Abbas, i did a vet exam. The vet said Abbas will be the bearer of Rhino all his life, but no sign of anything (ulcere, secretion etc.)

What i need to do ? Call the breeder ?

Mia our other cat already had the Rhino, so when we take Abbas to home, Mia quit to her parent's home one week later. It no sens she give to 1 day...Abbas already have all vacinne he need.



Staff member
First, how does your vet know that Abbas has herpes/rhinotraecheitis? Did he test him for it? I ask this because vets are very prone to calling any URI herpes without doing any testing, and there is a multitude of other things that can cause respiratory symptoms and are treatable.

Nevertheless, herpes is a chronic, lifelong condition for the vast majority of cats infected. Most times after the initial 'cold' they become asymptomatic carriers. If they have flares they also have the possibility of developing secondary infections, which is why Abbas is now on Clavaseptin, as this will do nothing for the herpes.

If your breeder doesn't already know, as a courtesy you could let them know. Other than that, there is really nothing else for you to do.


Savannah Super Cat
He did the test with ultraviolet in theses eyes.

He think its rhino because his nose green secretion sometime, sneeze all day long since i had him but not it very very ofter day after day and his eye some white secretion.

His respiration doing well he said and he still eating.