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RIP Gunner


Staff member
I write this post as I cry for little Gunner...I am heartbroken...

Thank you everyone for all your prayers and thoughts...Gunner took a turn for the worse tonight and I tried everything, but it was not meant to be...I could see it in his eyes tonight and when I went to feed him, I I wrapped him up to keep him warm, held him and kissed him and he went on to the rainbow bridge a few minutes later :-(

At least he knew he was was as if he was waiting for me...he was loved and cherished and will never be first mel baby...


Savannah Super Cat
:( Heartbreaking, So sorry for you. You fought hard and you should be very proud of you for all the love you gave him on his short time on this planet. Rest in peace Gunner.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
So very sorry for your loss. It is the hardest part of being a breeder, having to accept that not all of them will make it no matter how hard we try. Gunner was loved, and you gave him every chance... kiss the other babies and let your heart heal. Hugs!


Site Supporter
So sorry. RIP Gunner. I'm sure you did your best Paige. The Rainbow Bridge was in need of a darling little mel...