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RIP Rumpystiltskin


Staff member
Not a Savannah, but my Highlander Rumpystiltskin was one of the sweetest, most loving souls I have ever known. He was born tailess (thus the name Rumpy) and unfortunately without control of his bowel or bladder. He therefore needed special housing, but in spite of his handicap he was a happy and playful imp until I lost him today. I noticed last night and this morning that he seemed a bit under the weather so planned on taking him by the vet on my way to work tomorrow. I just went out and found him gone - I'm not sure why but my guess would be he developed an infection because of his incontinence issues. Whatever it was, it happened fast and I will miss him. RIP Rumpy my sweet.



Animal Communicator
I am so, so sorry Patti. Rumpy is in a better place now, and I'm surer he is still keeping his eye on you. RIP Rumpy


Staff member
Patti I am so sorry... I remember when he was born and what great care you took of him! RIP Rumpy!

He was such a happy and carefree Lil guy... I'm sure he is teaching all the other kitties how to dance at the Rainbow bridge!

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Staff member
Thank you all, I will really miss him. Paige, I think you're right - he loved to dance, almost as much as he loved to roll over to get his belly rubbed...


Savannah Super Cat
Oh no, Patti! I know how much you loved him! I am so sorry hon.

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