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Ripple rug


Savannah Super Cat
Have you had it awhile? If so, do they still use it as much? I notice my Savannahs love things at first and then lose interest so I rotate toys.


Staff member
I bought the first one 2 years ago and have added 2 more. They play on them everyday and they like to nap on them when they aren't playing. Cats typically cycle through their toys, crazy about them one minute then ignore them or awhile and then rediscover them. I've heard of a very few SVs that had no interest in the rugs but a lot more stories of those who like them.


Site Supporter
Ooo, I see a ripple rug in our future! Currently they play with (read: maul) my old sleeping bag, but I think they'd like the rug a lot more.

We also got this kiddie play pen thing that they both adore, though it may not survive the year, lol.


Site Supporter
The ripple rug looks fun. I ordered Darwin one for Christmas. I’m sure he’ll love it since he likes playing under the bed comforter and in his crazy pants.

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