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Rocco A. Jaeger


Savannah Super Cat
I never got around to posting on here about it, but for the past 4 months I've impatiently been waiting for a male F2. While they cannot be replaced, this little guy will fill a void left by my F2 kitten that passed away from FIP earlier in the year. I have to admit the whole process of picking up and bringing this kitten home has gone much better than I had expected. I flew out yesterday morning at 6am, landed at 9:30 am and was supposed to fly back at 4 but unfortunately I had a one hour delay in the plane so I landed back home at 1am. So it was a very long day to say the least but my kitten couldn't have made it any easier on me. He was a complete angle in the plane in a stuffy little carrier that he spent 7 hours in without any accidents. He's been nothing but a purr machine and he's been head butting me since we got home. I cannot put into words how happy I am with him. He's absolutely gorgeous, and I've loved him since the first pictures I've received of him. I watched him grow and I felt as if I already knew him before I even met him. I must mention that I bought Rocco from All Earz savannah's which is on this forum. Trish is not only an amazing breeder, but a great person as well. She keot me in the loop every step of the way in Rocco's growth and not going to lie, I probably bugged her a bit too often for pictures. I am just so happy from this whole experience, and I'm looking forward to years and years of happiness with Rocco. No thread is ever any good without any pictures so here you go :)


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Awww, Danny, he is such a good boy and so beautiful! I met Rocco today, since Daniel and I go to the same vet and he was headbutting me and coming up to me to be petted...he is a wonderful boy with an awesome disposition!

Congrats, Danny and I'm sure you will have a lifetime of stories to tell ;)

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
Good for you! Glad you jumped back into the pool! The kitten looks amazing! (Nice kitten Trish!).
I know I speak for the SV chat community, Congrats! We are overjoyed to hear things have worked out nicely!