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Running with a Savannah Cat?

Hi all, first post here so I hope I'm not being a complete idiot! :confused: I'm looking to get a Savannah soon but want to make sure I have the full picture before making a commitment!

So my question is this: I am a runner, could I take a Savannah with me for a run? I know people take them for walks, but this is a bit different.

Any thoughts?


Savannah Super Cat
Interesting question.

I suspect it would not be a proper fit for the cat. In nature the cat is more of an ambush, quick sprint, hunter, while dogs tend to be the endurance hunters.

Of course a nice backpack carrier would let you take the cat along and maybe a short run now and then for the cat might be a fun change of pace.


Animal Communicator
From my experience walking my sv, I have to convince her to go with me, she doesn't just follow me and walk nicely like a dog. She wants to sniff everything and go where she wants to go. There is no way i would be able to take her running on leash.
That's just my girl, I'm sure other peoples cats walk better than her though :p


Savannah Super Cat
Pretty much what everyone else already said. I have been walking my SV for a few months now and he has gotten very good on a leash. I would never be able to take him out for a jog. He walks just fine with me, but if and when we do run, it is usually from spot to spot in short and fast sprint.


Site Supporter
My F5 boy does a little bit of running with me, 100 yard dash style. Then he usually likes to lay down for a breather.
My boy doesn't have the endurance to run for more than a couple hundred yards, loping or sprinting.


I usually carry a badminton racket with me (you can buy them for $2-3 on ebay) to remind Duma that we are going someplace. If I didn't do this, he'd get distracted. All the time. He gets distracted despite the racket. But he is a cat, even if he denies it.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I tell people that they walk just like my beagle does, from interesting thing to the next...he doesn't heel too well either and would not be a candidate for going for a job with...

I'm not sure I could see it working out to take a Savannah with you jogging...

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I've only ever had one Savannah who will walk alongside me like a well-trained dog. Most of my cats wander from interest to interest like others have said. I think Paige's Taj does walk well beside her. Not sure about jogging with them; perhaps in very short sprints? I'm too old and lazy these days to try that ;)


Savannah Super Cat
I once jogged (slowly) with mine, while taking down garage sale signs. I was quite amused! But. I also have to wonder whether or not it was just something he did that ONE time, or if he would do it again.