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Safety Concerns Cus Our Cats Are $$$


Savannah Super Cat
a couple in my neighborhood got educated on savannahs yesterday. They were amazed how my cat was walking on a leash and everything (and i think they even said he was big? (???...he's a puny 12 week kitten, bahaha) and so i told them about the breed and how there are several breeders here. When i got home i wondered if i should have answered their question on cost differently? I mean, everyone knows purebreds in any type of animal are expensive.

What would you guys tell a person if asked how much he/she cost? Do you have concerns over you or your cat's safety and so you are not advertising the cost of the cat? Do you give them the rough cost for that cat's filia generation? Or are you fine with telling people ur cat's pricetag?


Staff member
I don't advertise pricing because it depends on the kitten...I will give a range over the phone though...


Savannah Super Cat
i guess one thing i forgot to mention was specifically, do you worry about saying how much your cat cost when meeting strangers on the street because of fear that someone might then try to steal your cat?

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Anytime I have brought one of my cats to a store or other business, I am rarely asked how much they cost (even if it is not one I have bred myself).

I tend to not give a "real" answer...I usually tell them, "more than I paid for my horses when I had them". Now that can be anywhere from $500 on up in this area, so I generally get a knowing look and a reply that they paid a huge sum, too, for their designer puppy :)

I also worry about theft, so will not give a direct dollar amount if asked.

I tend to think that telling people how much we have paid for them leaves an impression they are very expensive and desirable, even coveted cats, and if they somehow got loose outside, they might be taken in and not returned :( Maybe I am being a tad paranoid here, but I would much rather be safe than sorry....


I have thought of that myself. Though I don't have my savannah yet, I would never discuss cost with a stranger because it isn't really their business, and yes I would maybe worry a little that they or someone they know might try to steal it!


Savannah Super Cat
so maybe make a joke he costs more than my month's rent? that's good enough? lol My friends know how much he cost me and they go telling their friends...ooops


Savannah Super Cat
I never talk about how much I spent on my cats. Most people wouldn't understand and it's none of their business anyway.