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Safety First!

Trish Allearz

Today, the cat community on Facebook and really across the country is joining to remember three sweet Sphynxes who lost their lives last Sunday to a house fire.

From the sound of it, the oven was turned on when the owner was not home- and we know how little kitty paws can turn knobs on occasion- and this caused the blaze to be set.

So please, please- even when you think your house is protected, look around and rethink again! Are your oven knobs covered if your cats can reach them? If not- I'd recommend getting child safety knobs for them. They are $10 for a set of 4.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Thank you for this reminder, Trish....the loss of the Sphynxes and a home were a tragedy I can't begin to imagine :(

Cats CAN turn on oven and stove burners, whether it is done on purpose as some sort of spinning object to play with, or by accident, by climbing and using the knobs as climbing aids....twice we found one of the burners on our gas stove turned on, and neither myself nor Cory had done it. I removed the knobs totally after that; I didn't think of using child safety knobs. It looks ugly, but better safe than risk a house fire :(

I am going to add this to my Kitten Dangers list.

RIP, little Sphynx angels.....

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Such a tragedy... Our ovens have electronic keypads and are up high on the wall in a position that would not be too accessible to a cat (although as we know with Savannahs nothing is impossible) but it would take multiple key pressing to turn the ovens on. Our cooktop is induction.. which is safer for kitties...

Definitely a good addition to a possible kitty dangers list :-(

Trish Allearz

Wow, Trish, I did not know this...thank you for posting and sharing...Poor babies and family :(
It's a tragedy that we just don't think about...

If you have buttons to press- there is a lock system for them too. I'm not sure the exact details, but it was being discussed in the Sphynx community this past week. None of us want anyone to ever go through a loss such as Marlene has went through with Pedda, Frankie, and Tink.