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Sardine raw


Site Supporter
I want switch to raw for my Abbas after 7 year with dry.
i bought beaf, duck and sardine raw.

I’m a bit afraid for sardine with bone. I can give it even if Abbas never eat bone before ?

From my experience when switching food, you slowly do it. Tiny amounts of new food and build from there. For my Emma Mae I just tried the sardine liquid. And it was too intense. I opted away from giving her the whole sardine because of the bones. I always side on the safe side. Giving all dry food, because they aren’t great water drinkers makes it rough on their system. A mixture of different types of food is good. But only introduce one at a time. In case their is a bad reaction so you can identify which one it is. It’s a very delicate balance. Because cats are so picky from the start.