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Savannah cat breed standard


Savannah Super Cat
Hello everyone,

I recently picked up my kitten and he is absolutely wonderful. His temperament is great and he is a very striking kitten. He is a perfect fit. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if any of the breeders here could comment on the breed standard for appearance. I have read the guidelines but I do not know how to apply them. If I were to put some pictures up, would you be able to comment on how he fits with the breed standard? I have no intentions of showing him and he is already neutered so I also have no desire to breed him, this is solely for my curiosity about the breed alone. I am really just interested in understanding the breed standard and how that applies to the savannah cat.


Savannah Super Cat
here are the pictures: I attached a bunch so you can see his spots, and his face from a lot of angles. I tried to get one of his legs but the pictures do not do him justice.


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Savannah Super Cat
here are a few more!


  • Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.22.36 PM.png
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Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
He's of course adorable :)

In terms of what I see in those pics, his ears are really nice. They are large, rounded at the tips and upright. That's a hard thing to keep in our SVs going down the generations.

In terms of what is not quite as good, his nose leather is not as puffy and large as we would like. The nose bridge is wide going down his face but you see the pink leather is not very generous...if you look at pics of F1s (often a good comparison rather than the Serval) they tend to have much more pink leather. We like it when the nose leather extends over the curve at the end of the nose..

Additionally, his eyes are almond-shaped not boomerang shaped... there's not a lot of hooding which is what contributes to that look we want.

Neither of those "not as good" things are as important imho as his ears... there would be no doubting what breed this kitten was if it turned up at a shelter (one of my personal criteria for the overall "look").