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Savannah Cat Breed - What do the letters and numbers mean?


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"F" stands for "filial" generation… in the case of the Savannah breed, it refers to the number of generations away from its wild ancestor, the Serval. For example, an F1 is one generation away from the Serval, this means that the Serval is the parent of an F1. An F2 is two generations away, so the Serval is the grandparent.

These terms refer to the Registration Codes given to our cats by our Feline Registry TICA.
A-registered Savannahs are Savannahs with only ONE Savannah parent, usually the Savannah mother and a domestic outcross sire (such as one of the outcross breeds, which are no longer permissible – Egyptian Mau, Oriental Shorthair, Ocicat or Domestic Shorthair).

B-registered Savannah is one in which both parents are Savannahs, but not all grandparents are Savannahs. For example, crossing an A-registered Savannah to another A-registered Savannah will give you B-registered offspring.

C-registered Savannahs are when all four grandparents are Savannahs … or two generations of Savannah to Savannah breeding. Crossing a B-registered Savannah to another B-registered Savannah will give you C-registered Savannah offspring.

SBT stands for "Stud Book Traditional" and is a cat with three generations of Savannah to Savannah breeding – all great-grandparents are Savannahs. Two C-registered Savannah s will produce an SBT litter. This is what is considered a purebred cat and is the eventual goal of our Savannah breed section.

These codes are not terribly important to the pet buyer, but critical to a breeder. To develop this breed, we had to progress through the codes to SBT. The importance to the pet buyer of codes might simply be that you might expect a "B" kitten to be typier than an "A" kitten. This is not true in all cases, as careful selection of the cats is necessary no matter what the "code is.
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