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Savannah cat - constructions


Savannah Kitten
Well - I am building an outdoor cat site/cage and thought - what does the Savannah cat prefer as "toys"? Something to climb of cours, but crawling, bathing or running?

And what about toilet? How to construct a toilet the cat actually will use instead of taking a dump everywhere?

So today I thought - this could be a thread for the forum: Any Ideas or pictures of constructions Savannah cat in the following categories:
1. Toilet
2. Crawling
3. Bathing
4. Climbing
5. Running
6. Balancing
7. Other

Anybody up for this challenge?


Savannah Super Cat
1. A litterbox will do fine
2. Savannahs love tunnels and tents. You can find them for toddlers (the human kind) online for relatively cheap
3. A kiddie pool will do nicely. I wouldn't buy the blowup kind for obvious reasons;)
4. If youe enclosure is big enough, running might be an option, or you can purchase a cat wheel for them
5. This is what I made in one of my cat enclosures for balancing, but even a log will do fine.



Staff member
1. Maybe a large litterbox like the storage bins we have been talking about?
2. maybe a hollowed out log besides jacqui's suggestions for running through?
4. maybe an obstacle course, of sorts...with the ability to jump over, through? Similar to this:
5. jacqui, that is awesome!!!!