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Savannah Cat in Detroit Needs Rescued


Savannah Kitten
Hi guys!
Over here in the Detroit area, there appears to be a Savannah cat on the loose. The local news has picked up the story. You can view it here:
A local rescue is trying to catch him. My concern is that no one will want to adopt him. Or, someone will adopt him that does not know how to properly care for him/her. I cannot adopt him because I already have a cat who is not a Savannah, and I am not so sure how that will go. However, if any of you know someone who would be interested in taking this beautiful kitty once they catch him, please contact the rescue "Paws for the Cause" Feral Cat Rescue. Here is their website:
Their number is 586-804-PAWS
Thank you!!


Savannah Kitten
I know. They are acting like the cat is some ferocious 400 pound Lion. It's a freakin' cat. Yes, a bigger cat than normal but nothing to be afraid of. I really really hope they rescue the him. I feel so bad for him. They said he is not acting afraid of people, so hopefully they can capture him. I am afraid someone will shoot him if he is not rescued very soon. If I was able to, I would go down there and get him myself. I really would.


Savannah Super Cat
Michelle, many of us have other cats besides our Savannahs. Mine snuggles with her Scottish Fold brother and will share food with her Russian Blue sister. We all hope and pray that the cat in Detroit can be safely rescued soon before any harm comes to it. Sue


Savannah Kitten
Thanks Sue! That gives me something to think about. About 2 months ago, my cat Cosmo of 13 years passed away and I was (and am still) totally devastated. That day, I adopted a kitten from the Humane Society. I joined this forum because I was trying to identify his breed. He has a wild look to him. I thought maybe he was a Savannah. After some research, I know now he is NOT a Savannah. But I am so impressed with this breed and had considered getting one. But the kitten I have now is only 5 months old and I wondered if I should wait until he is full grown to bring another cat around. His name is Mikey and he is adorable :) I just have no idea how he would react.