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Savannah cat on the appalachian trail?


Savannah Super Cat
That would be a funny sight now wouldn't it. I wonder if a savannah would have quite enough energy to hike along side their owner on a backpacking trip. ive heard of a guy who took his cat with him and she sat on his backpack. But what about a savannah? They are so playful I bet they would love it? What do you think?


Animal Communicator
@NikkiA took her cat running I think? Depends on the cat. Mine is used to her harness and walks, but at her pace and where she wants to go. If I want her to go somewhere in particular I have to coax her with treats or pick her up.

Of course, you would have to take precautions against the dangers of being outside and be extra careful.

John Popp

Site Supporter
That's a lot of cat to be carrying and even well leash trained you would be lucky to get anything more than 4 hours a day out of them when you wouldn't be carrying them. Provisions, water and you're looking at a major production. I'm sure it could be done, just having a little difficulty seeing who the beneficiary would be.


Savannah Super Cat
I know it's all up to the cat. I'm sure day hikes aren't a big deal. Backpacking would be work but for the price of comradery if solo hiking I think it would be worth it. either way I think it would be quite a site seeing a giant cat on a leash walking on the appalachian trail. Defiantly worth a chuckle or two.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think Leonard (Spotted Love Savannahs) used to go for day hikes with his Savannahs.

I suspect the difference is that a dog will hike all day because their master says they should. A cat would sit down when bored and think "why should I?"... So yes, you might end up having to carry on the backpack at times...


Savannah Super Cat
Lol a very relaxing stroll is wht it becomes maybe I should invent a sling just in case haha


Site Supporter
My boy has gone running with me a few times.
I will tell you we worked up to that. We run around the track that is about a block from my house. When we walk, we go at his pace most of the time. That means that I pay attention to where he wants to go, and I explain to him where we will be going (ie we don't walk on anyone else's property) and point out to him things of interest (I literally tap him and point) in the direction I want him to take.
I would not take D on a hike.
After about 40-50 minutes, warm or cool, he is ready to come back in and lay down. D is a little like a toddler in that when he is done, he is done.
15 pounds of squirmy SV is a LOT of cat to manage.
All of our walking routes are near the house for that reason.


Staff member
Here are some videos of Leonard walking Gallagher on the beach:
I thought he had one hiking with Apollo but can't find it right now.


Savannah Super Cat
It would be nice to have a lol workout buddy. I bet it's an easy way to wear out a hyper cat. Go for a run and come home and take a nice lil cat nap. Still 40-50 mins isn't bad for a nice jog or walk. It's better than being fought all the way out the door... "No mom I don't want to leave"