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Savannah Cat Toilet Training


Staff member
Thanks for posting these Paige... not anything I'm planning on doing in the near future, but I know if you are only working with one, or a few cats it is definitely possible to toilet train them.


I know some of you have asked how to toilet train your savannah are a couple of videos on how to do just that...

I've had a few inquiries about this recently. Was it on some Animal Planet show or something?


Savannah Super Cat
IMHO I don't believe in training to use the potty. Cats have a natural instinct to dig/bury. I try and keep things here as natural as possible, but trust me the Connivence of toilet training is great, but I don't think I'd try it simply for the fact I'd rather keep things as natural as possible. Good luck though if you try it though, what works for some doesn't work for all :)


and his servant, Paul
The lady behind CitiKitty got on Shark Tank and got some serious dough to mass produce her product.

While my cats are (almost completely) toilet trained, I feel the need to add a huge caveat: this takes a lot of patience, a lot more than eight weeks, and a kitten. I would never attempt this with an adult cat.

Nitro is almost ten months old right now, I've been training him since about two weeks after I got him, and he still has the occasional accident. In the process I gained a ruined bed and have developed a sixth sense for when he needs to go #2.

But the advantage of never having to deal with cat litter again (and the lingering smell associated with the litter box) is far more sanitary and sooo worth it. Except when it grosses out girls that can't imagine sitting on the same seat a cat has sat on.


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I'm not sure I see this as a long-lasting thing though, which is why I didn't even bother. I have two litter robots and rarely have to scoop litter anymore...and I also rarely have any smell...but I admire your patience and persistence and hope everything remains status quo ;)