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Savannah cat vs. Siamese?

I can't afford an F1, and before considering the Savannah I was thinking of the Siamese cat. Does anyone here have experience with both cat breeds? I'd love input. The cat I'm looking for is a very hyper, energetic, fun, affectionate feline. At what F-gen do Savannah cats start to become about as active as a Siamese? Since I know Savannahs are a lot more energetic.


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Agreed. My F2 can and does out run and out jump my F1 :) (if that says anything). I'd say all SV's are pretty high energy irregardless of most gen's. Mine never stop. 5 hr energy drink, more like 20 hr energy drink!


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You should probably do a bit more research on Savannahs before deciding that's what you want. This forum is loaded with info, or you can peruse this FAQ to get the highlights:

As for Savannahs vs. Siamese - well Siamese are also very active cats and I think they'd do well together. In fact, one of the permissible outcrosses for Savannahs back in the day before we had fertile Savannah males was the Oriental Shorthair, which is basically a Siamese with a pattern other than pointed, and I think you can still see their influence on the breed in some of the cats.


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
That's all great to hear. :3 Are Savannahs very affectionate cats? I know they don't like being held but I don't know much else.

Patti's link in her reply is a good place to start...

If it two SV's, just a mere sample but probably fairly representative of many, both are very affectionate. My F2 likes being held, my F1 not as much but is getting better. In contrast, my F2 likes solitude at times, but my F1 has to be in every room I'm in! He's extremely social and needy. I couldn't ask for better cats, and after 6 months of having them, I should be somewhat jaded of them and not care so much. But no, every day is like a brand new day with them. And I think this is because they are super interactive cats (or at least mine are). cheers, dj


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I'd say my kitten doesnt like to be held, but that just means he doesnt want to stay in my arms for a very long time. He'll jump up when i get home and want to be held for a bit, and he LOVES to cuddle. He'll come sit with/on me all the time when im home and he'll snuggle up close at night to sleep. so for not liking to be held (he doesnt hate it though, and keep in mind he's still a kitten) he's still extremely affectionate and needy


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I have orientals (spotted siamese) and savannahs. Orientals are more talkative, sleep less than savannahs also. Actually, I was very surprised how long my first savannah was sleeping compared to her oriental friend almost same age. (Both are in my avatar).

Orientals (in my experience) love to climb, they climb everywhere and on everything. Savannahs climb also, but they do more wild jumps.

My orientals are more lap cat, or shoulder cats. but my savannah stud, Paragon is a big lap cat also (not easy, but I have to hold him, he doesn't fit anymore).

My savannahs purr a lot more than orientals, and more loudly ;)
Savannahs make funny poses, orientals are always elegant, they walk and move harmoniously :) But my

Diva F6 SBT is very elegant savannah, but she is a real diva. Loves only one human : me.

Marguerite F3C is very puppy like in her manners, not gracious moves. Tail going side to side and making funny faces, placing he head on one side to look at you. She jumps also very loudly, the floor shakes...
Head but everyone, purrs at the vet. Loves humans and pets, not nervous. Just loves to be the centre of attention.

Both savannah and orientals/siamese are curious, intelligent, human interactive and know how to open doors.
Thanks for all the replies guys :) I suppose I'm still torn between the two, though I'm leaning more towards the Siamese now. Thanks again!


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I have Oriental cat and Savannahs (F5 male and F2 femeles, and F3 femeles) :) no problem... without any words only pics
08.04.png 27августа 1.jpg ambi с снчитой.jpg F2 with the kittens F3 and oriental.jpg