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savannah cats and being alone

James Singleton

Savannah Child

I recently reserved a Savannah cat and I was wondering since I don't have any other pets and I live by myself....will my savannah cat have any emotional problems while I am at work? (normal 9 hour work day)

I hope that since I have kind of large house for the cat to play in and if I get a lot of toys this won't be an issue.

Also, If I go an occasional trip (every 4 months or so) for about a week and I have someone watch her in their house...will the cat act strangely? Will the cat have like a nervous breakdown or anything weird like that?

I am hoping that since I am raising the cat from being a rather young kitten, that she will be used to my lifestyle...but still would like some input.


Staff member
How flexible she is to change and other people depends on her personality which, in general for most cats, will be established before she comes home. After a good long bonding time (couple of months) and when she has shown how confident she is, or not, you can begin to experiment.

Some thoughts:
*IMHO, all animals need a companion other than their humans. However, there are those that do best alone. I strongly recommend getting another cat to keep her company after the two of you have adequate time to bond. If she is a social cat, she will get lonely regardless of the number of toys she has. If her breeder says that she appears to like being without the companionship of other cats/animals, no worries about getting another cat (doesn't have to be a savannah in any event). Even if she doesn't need a cat companion, she will likely be lonely when you're gone. SVs have a tendency to get inventive when they're bored/lonely so you have to be prepared for some pleasant and not pleasant surprises. Can you go home for lunch?

*It would be easier on the cat to have someone come to your home to care for her when you're out of town.

*Your catsitting friends should visit frequently so the cat gets used to them.

*When the two of you have bonded and she has shown evidence of a confident nature, and your cat sitting friends have established a friendship with her on her own turf, take her to your friends' house for short and then progressively longer visits. Take her favorite bed & toys and a litter box. If she appears to do ok at their house, leave her there for a couple days before you leave town to see how she copes. It's better to know before you go away that first time whether there will be unanticipated and perhaps serious issues.

*Be sure to socialize her to as many people and places as possible. For example, leash train her & take her to PetSmart and other stores/restaurants where animals are allowed.

If she shows any negative behavioral changes (pooping/peeing out of the box, throwing up, hiding, aggression towards you or others) as you acclimate her to your lifestyle, then you'll have to activate Plan B, so make sure you have one.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
James, just like some people are more social and some more reclusive, so are cats. So it is hard to predict whether your cat will enjoy being an only kitty or not. I have placed some Savannahs that really did want to be only kitties and they love it, but this was more personality that became apparent as they reached adulthood so not too sure if one can predict it as a kitten.

I have placed kittens with owners that don't intend to get another pet immediately, but I think it important to discuss the possibility that they might in future need to add a companion kitty or dog if it becomes obvious that it is needed.


Chirps & Massive Headbutts
"will my savannah cat have any emotional problems while I am at work? (normal 9 hour work day)"

My 2 SV's do not have any problems if I leave them alone this long...although many times I cut this in half with lunch. They take normal, long cat naps when I'm gone which readies them for the night time activities (they are super active at night).


Site Supporter
Depending on ur new kitties personality, it might be advisable to consider another high energy kitten in a few months. Just have the thought on the back burner. Doesn't have to be an SV. I would think in a couple of months ur new kitty will let u know what she needs.


Savannah Child
My (F3, male) SVs are also fine whilst I'm at work; they mostly play with each other or their toys, or sleep. They are brothers and get along with each other quite well, though, which helps.


Site Supporter
James, if you do get another companion cat, it doesn't need to be a high energy one. Rafiki's buddy is a cannot get more laid back than a pixiebob! Every morning and evening they chase each other all over the house and wrestle madly. She adores him. If she isn't following her humans around, we know that she is with him.


Savannah Super Cat
I fall into the camp of getting another as a friend for my first. It was sad watching her try to get the chihuahuas to play super hunter with her. She would pounce at them, they would look at her like she had 3 heads. She would go "swim" in their water bowl, they would go "ew, cat feet in our drinking water". They do all sleep together, I need to get a picture of that. Kovu hasn't been accepted into the chihuahua pack yet, but I have a feeling at some point he will be invited into their special club. Because I work from home a lot, they get sad on the days I have to go in to the plant. They all look out the window with sad eyes as I drive away, and when I come home, it's like I have been gone forever and they thought I would never return. They are all fine when I get home, though! I do have to admit when I traveled recently, my husband came home at lunch to feed Kovu. He was worried because it was the first time I was gone and our 15 year old was back in school. We are such suckers.