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Savannah Cats and Friends - Part Deux


Staff member
Guys...working on version two of savannah cats and friends...can you all please post up photos of your savannah cats with children, other pets, other cats, seniors, with disabled persons, in parks, stores or whatever you want for use in the second version of Savannah Cats and Friends? Thanks! Version one is here:

- or you can PM photos to me as well


Animal Communicator
Isn't BCR now saying that the serval kills the domestic he is mated to? I think that is what I saw in their post. Is there a way to address that in the next video? They seem to think all the cats are abused and live in cages with no food. Because that is what all savannah breeders do -_-


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I know I will be looking at all the pictures here on this thread and probably crying because there are people who don't see the beauty, love, and devotion of the Savannah. Not to mention all the other very positive qualities they possess.