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Savannah Cats are NOT Hypoallergenic


Staff member
I had 3 phone calls today about hypoallergenic savannah cats. All three people wanted a savannah because they or a loved one had allergies and "savannah cats are hypoallergenic".

Savannah Cats are not hypoallergenic! We have discussed it here and everywhere...they may be less allergic to some people, depending on the person, but....they are NOT hypoallergenic ;)


Savannah Super Cat
The amount of mis-information out there concerning Savannah cats is amazing.

Some of the goofball stuff I've seen on the internet makes me shake my head. Among the stupid comments were things about Savannah cats killing and eating the owner's other domestic cats and small dogs.


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Is SV's were hypoallergenic, I wouldn't wake up every morning Mickey snuggles with me with a stuffy nose and red eyes!


Savannah Super Cat
I thought this was going to be one of this finish the sentence type things, like "Savannahs are not...very good at sharing the bed". So, to keep it in topic, Savannahs are not hypoallergenic and they are not good at sharing the bed. If allergic, you will have watery eyes and about 3 square inches of your king sized bed left for you.

How was that?


Savannah Super Cat
i think so . my hubby nit allergic and has asthma. the closer to serval more hypoallergenic than domestic cat

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