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Savannah Cats Love Outdoor Enclosure


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So many people live in smaller dwellings (apts., condos) and wonder how to give their savannah cats or any cat some outside is a way to do do it...this enclosure is on my deck and is 4x4x6...I put shelves in it, some carpeting on the ground and a cat tree...I will probably add some kind of trees, but this is it for now. as you can see, they love it!

In these pics, they have been outside for almost 3 hours...

IMG_0936.jpg IMG_0938.jpg


Savannah Super Cat
I would LOVE to get something like that, but I just can't do it right now. He does have a tie out & he LOVES being able to run around the backyard with Elijah. Its just long enough that he can walk around the whole backyard but NOT be able to jump up the fence. :)


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I just wanted to do it so Zuri could have some outside time, since she is not the walker Taj is...seems that Taj now likes the enclosure and doesn't seem to be howling at the door to go for a walk anymore, although I still take him a couple of times/week.


That looks great Paige, I don't have a backyard but I have a similar back deck on my townhouse and I totally have room for something like that! Now the question is just "when" :) Great job though, looks very nice and glad to see and hear how much it is being enjoyed so far!


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Breanna, I bought it from C&D Pet Products - it was easy for my friend to put up - I would not have been able to do it, since I am not the best at reading instructions...but it is very nice and sturdy...I would prefer the 6'x6'x6' but needed to be sure to have some space so i could sit out with them...

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
This is what I have done to a small, rarely used 6' x 6.5' x 7.5 tall front porch...I enclosed the sides in pet proof screen, made a tree out of some limbs that had fallen during a storm, and other climbers; litter box and water and dry food bowls. There are vinyl roll up shades for really hot days. Over the years, I add and remove different trees and whatnot...all of the cats and especially kittens love it! I staple plastic (clear shower curtains) up for the winter months, and if it's not too cold, they will hang out there for a while :) There's also a bird feeder outside for the spoiled ones' enjoyment ;) I sometimes lock my grandkids out there....kidding!


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