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Savannah F3 x bengal?


I'm new here and I want to buy a Savannah F4 .The owner says the parents are a F3 female and a SBT Bengal which are both TICA registered.The male kitten which is 4 months old is very cute though I have not seen it in person. I was asking myself if anyone on this forum has a hybrid as this and what one should expect ?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
This kind of thing was much more common 5-10 years ago when more breeders might not have a Savannah stud male to use in their program... it's not very common nowadays.

What you would expect imho is a cross between a Savannah and a both looks and behavior of both breeds are possible.


Savannah Super Cat
My F3 male savannah has Bengal in him....his mom is a F2 savannah and the dad is Bengal......My F3 looks like a Bengal with long legs......:big grin: