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Savannah Generation and Shedding


The cynical cat
I know savannahs tend to be low-shedding breeds, but am I more likely to get a low-shedder with the earlier generations (e.g. F2, F3)? I know savannahs aren't hypoallergenic, but I'd rather not have cat hair everywhere if I can help it.

Is it possible to tell whether a kitten at a young age will be a heavy shedder or a low shedder?
Does a coarser texture correlate with the level of shedding? If so, is the fur texture apparent early in kittens?

I searched through this forum, and people seem to think that the outcrosses used would matter in this. So maybe I should stay away from savannahs with maine coon outcrosses, but I do love the lynx tipping which the maine coon might be contributing (I know that doesn't follow the breed standard, but I think ear tufts are adorable). :love:

I'm curious to know what level of shedding your savannah cats have, what generation they are, what their fur texture is like, and what outcrosses were used in their history.


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I have two F4s, both SBTs. They both have fairly course fur, but it changes seasonally. Right now they're both very soft.

Neither of mine shed overly much. Jimmy slightly more than Zeddie, I would say. I don't notice the cat hair at all though. I'm not sure of their initial outcross and I can't really describe the texture of their fur

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We are lucky enough/crazy enough to share our lives with four SV's. F5 SBT Diablo, F4 Mickey Blue Eyes, F3C Jarvis and F2B Baby Rey.

Rey just came home in November, so I can't give you a whole lot of info re: her shedding.

Jarvis will be 4 in February. He is a furball. He sheds. Mickey (4 in June) is also a furball. Diablo (5 next summer), less so. Diablo has a silky soft coat. Jarvis has a coarse coat. Mickey is in between. Baby Rey is still a baby :) Too early to tell :)

It helps that Diablo and Mickey tolerate their bi-weekly baths with nothing more than whining, and while Jarvis does not want to get in the tub, he is completely fine with being wiped down with damp cloths to remove loose fur.

I'm mildly allergic to our boys. I'm most allergic to Mickey Blue Eyes, least allergic to Jarvis, Diablo is somewhere in between, and Rey, I can't tell, she keeps falling in the tub.

We manage my allergies via baths for the boys, air filters, and a strict cleaning regimen.

hope that helps.