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Savannah Kitten Cuteness


Staff member
Zuri's litter of four are almost 3 weeks old now, so thought I would post pis of them...they are getting big ;)

Spotted savannah kittens- Diablo and Dorado

060514-bst-1.jpg 060514-diablo.jpg 060514-dorado.jpg

Melanistic Savannah Boy

060514-mel-boy2.jpg 060514-mel-boy4.jpg 060514-mel-boy8.jpg

Melanistic Savannah Girl
060514-mel-girl.jpg 060514-mel-girl5.jpg 060514-mel-girl4.jpg 060514-mel-boy6.jpg 060514-mel-boy5.jpg

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
Wow. The only thing I miss having rescue cats is the cuteness and energy of kittens. These, I could fit a couple of them in my shirt pocket...

Where do you live, Paige? ;-)