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Savannah kitten diet


Eixi Olive

Should I be feeding Olive something extra? She’s 7 months and she’s growing lengthwise but she’s skinny like a noodle! I call her oily capellini

I want to make sure she’s getting everything she needs to grow during this time. I’m free feeding raw to her. One batch I made with chicken breast, gizzards, hearts, livers, and maszuri slab supplement. And now she’s eating a beef mix premade by Quest.

Someone mentioned kitten food and that it is higher in fat. Does she need more fat now?



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Do you leave the skin on the chicken? If so that should be good. Do you know how much fat is in the beef pre made?


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Then yes I’d definitely leave the skin on. The beef is pretty low in fat. You can also use chicken thighs instead of breasts, they have more fat. And you can try using pork roast too and leave the outer fat on.


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My yearlings appear thin /skinny
But they are pure muscle
They eat beef and chicken depending on there mood.
It's a cat blend from a local co, Rawganics Raw Pet Food
They get the perfect amount of what they need.

I was thinking about maken my food but tine playing with them is better than maken there food so i leave it to the pros.. Lol

They are healthy and fit
Looking thin is ok

My male is 18 ish while the female hovers around 16 lbs

He runs on his ferris wheel 2 hours @ least everyday

She can jump in a single leap to the top of any door or curtin rod lol

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