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Savannah kitten introduction

Hey everyone!

So me and my wife have bought our new Savannah F5 kitten who will arrive next sunday! Happy days!!

One thing that we’ve been thinking about heavily and would love your suggestions here!

So we already have a an amazing male cat named Ceasar, a 10 year old regular domestic cat.

Since we’re bringing home a 12 week old female Savannah next week, i’d like to hear your guys tips and tricks in how to introduce them them over the first few days. I just wanna make it as good as possible for the two of them. :)


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Agreed, there are many threads discussing how to introduce new kittens to the household, you can run a search from the home page if you need more info. A two week quarantine is strongly recommended in order for the kitten to get settled in and bond to you, to learn where the food, water and litterbox is, and to let your 10 year old get used to the idea that there is a new member of the family in their residence. During the quarantine you can exchange bedding from time to time so that they get used to each other's scent. Once it is time for the actual introductions you will have to play it by ear as to how quickly you let them interact, but I would recommend starting out with one of them in a crate until you know how they are going to react.

Do you have any pics of Ceasar and the new kitty? We'd love to see them!


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Also, you should have a plan prepared in advance in the event that the energy of your kitten is too much for your elder cat. That would entail making sure Ceasar has a place/room to escape to if the antics of the kitten begin to overwhelm him.