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Savannah Kitten Photos - F5 SBT Kittens - 3 Weeks old


Animal Communicator
SQUEEEEEEEE Orion's little toesies!!! I can't take it! People are starting to look at me strange as I am in class squeeing so I need to stop looking at hard not to.....

Edit: I couldn't do it....I had to go back and look at them all again. I can't handle the cute!


Staff member
LOL, Kristen and Deborah! You guys are too funny!

And thanks DChap! hey are very sweet ;)


Staff member
I showed them to Mike.
He said to me, "why are you showing them to me? You know they are in NJ. You can't show me NJ kittens."
Too bad the upper limit to our household is three SVs, he was hooked Paige :)

LOL, Nikki! Tell Mike the ceiling has to be raised ;)