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Savannah kitten prep

Lil Demon's Mom

Savannah Super Cat
I still have a few weeks until it's time to bring Schrodinger home, but I'm wondering what do I need to take to the airport with me when I go to pick him up?

How does an airport pickup usually work anyways?


Staff member
You'll need picture ID. Our airport is really small -- we have 1 baggage conveyer belt and you have to walk outside on the tarmac in all kinds of weather to get to your plane:rolleyes: So I don't know how it works in larger airports. In mine, the baggage claim office opens when flights land and I had to go there to tell them I was waiting for an animal to be offloaded and show my ID. They brought the cat to me.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Here at San Francisco (SFO), you go to the individual airline's cargo office and show your ID, generally the kitten will get there ~30 minutes after the flight lands.


Staff member
All you should need to bring with you is your photo ID. If the kitten is being shipped you usually need to pick it up at cargo, which is in a separate area than the airport. Some airlines will bring the animal to baggage however. Once you know the airline and the flight you need to call them (usually cargo is the place to call but some airlines have dedicated numbers for animal shipping) and ask where the kitten will be delivered. Be sure to get directions to their cargo building before he actually flies in so you know for sure how to get there (nothing more stressful than getting lost while driving to pick up the kitten).


Savannah Super Cat
Your photo ID, for sure. Other than that: our breeder encouraged us to bring some baby wipes and a plastic baggie *just* in case. She promised if we brought them, we wouldn't need them - and we didn't. We had about a 90 minute drive home from the airport and Monkey was just fine. And hers was a cross country flight with a stop in Chicago - she was a total trooper :)

Be prepared that the crate will not only be latched closed but may also be zip tied (Monkey's was), so you will need to clip those off before Schrodinger can leave his carrier.


Savannah Super Cat
Definitely a photo ID. Also allow yourself extra travel time just in case you get do get lost or something unforseen happens. The other thing, I hope you don't plan on going alone. The reason I say this is because when I picked up Whiskey, I was feeling so much emotions and I was so excited and I was very fortunate that I had a friend of mine go with me and she drove. (honestly, I think she was just curious to see a Savannah). And allow yourself the freedom to cry if you want when they call your name. I don't know if SF is like Newark in that you sign for the kitty in one area and then pick them up next door but as soon as I saw Missy Whiskey, I could not stop crying. The 3 weeks will seem like an eternity but once the day gets here, it will go very fast.