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Savannah kitten sneezing

Hi there, I have a almost 5 mo old savannh kitty who sneezes, I have taken her to the vet who claims there is no infection may be allergies, however the antihistamine did not work. I contacted the breeder as well since I just brought her home X-mas eve, she mentioned giving her 250mg of non acidic vitaim c and 250mg of lysine, this I am doing every day however there is no improvement.
She does not have mucus but when she sneezes on me I can feel its a little wet.

Any other healthy suggestions I can try since the vet and breeder haven't nailed a resolution.
FYI kitty was the runt, she is much smaller than her brothers and sisters however this smallness does not stop her, she is extremely active running and jumping and climbing up cat trees, running around the very top of our ceilings with homemade cat jungle. She is also extremely loving, loves to cuddle and loves to nestle in my hair (lol) shes an angel and I know I have only had her for a few weeks but she is apart of this family now and I just want to make sure she is okay, or if this can be normal with hybrids. I have 2 bengals but they are healthier than anything.


Staff member
Gosh, if it's an environmental allergy, it may take forever to figure out the cause. Just for maybe's though, consider changing to an organic, additive free laundry soap & fabric softener and using all additive free organic cleaning products in your home. Even consider your bath soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Try vacuuming every day or every other day -- floors, carpets, furniture, window coverings, cat beds. Consider everything a suspect and experiment eliminating things that you think may be a culprit. It'll probably take 30-60 days for any improvement to show so try eliminating one thing at a time for 2 months each to try to identify if it's something ubiquitous in the home.

If the air in your home is dry, maybe a humidifier would help.
Thank you I already use organic cleaners but I will try the rest and my air could be very dry actually, I live in Phoenix AZ so yes this could be an issue as well, I will add a humidifier, I do have an air purifier as well but this is not helping.

Thank you

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Also watch out for plug-in air fresheners , perfumes (including essential oils) , candles, deodorant, sprays of any kind; use clean unscented vacuum and garbage bags, and be sure the filter on the air purifier is clean and changed regularly :) Your heating/cooling system may need to be cleaned for dust. Using plain vinegar and water to clean floors, windows, etc can help rather than commercial cleaners. Do you use scented kitty litter (as that can be a culprit)? Cigarette smoke can trigger sneezing, too. You'd be surprised how many products in your home contain scents...including kleenex !

Congratulations on your new girl! She sounds like a sweetheart and her pic in your avatar is adorable :)

Angie Panczak

Savannah Super Cat
My cats went through this for a week where they would have blast of sneezing. There was no discharge or anything. It went away after a few days and never has come back. If you have had her only a few weeks it might be her way of adjusting to the new environment. The only other thing I can think of is if she has something stuck up her nose?


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What tests has your vet done to determine that she has no infection? If you haven't run a PCR test then i would strongly suggest you do so. If not, I agree with the rest, change the litter and the cleaners. The Phoenix dust and dry environment may be an issue, but never has been for any of my cats (except maybe during a dust storm).