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Savannah kittens vs. other spotted breeds


Savannah Teenager
I'm just curious if there are features of a savannah that differ from other spotted breeds. Every time Presley and I go out everyone compliments him but are confused when I say he's a "savannah". I always get "nice tabby" or "Is that a mau?"


I get all sorts of "Is that a ?" Kronos has a really nice graphic she created showing the features of a serval that a savannah should have. It helps when trying to explain.

Trish Allearz

Back of the ears- you can point out the ocelli. You an point out the big black nose, the larger then any normal kitty's ears... You can point out the long legs, discuss the Serval heritage, etc.

The thing is- for a lot of normal non-cat folks, Savannah isn't in their vocabulary as of yet- not like Persians or Siamese. Heck, most normal folk don't even know what a Sphynx is! So take it as a moment to educate them- smile and be about your day :D


I get that with my female Sofia. Not with our male Sirius. People ask if he is mean or will bite them. Tehehe.. Nope, the kid across the street will bite you before my SV will.. I agree with Trish. Educate them and then go about your day. :)

My SV's have their shots. Don''t know about the kid across the street tho.. LOL!


The lady at Walmart (I know, but thats all I've got) fabric department is my biggest advertiser. She shows me all the cat prints and tells other customers about my jackets.


and his servant, Paul
So far I've heard both Bengal and Egyptian Mau. Then again, I can tell that the people I'm conversing with really don't care, so I quickly correct and move on. Until he gains a couple more inches in length (17.5" chest to rump) and height (12.5" at shoulders), he won't stand out immediately from a normal house cat.