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Savannah Nightmare!


Savannah Super Cat
Just wanted to share this new experience :)

This morning I was laying in bed and my 7 month old savannah was snuggled next to me sleeping and out of no where she springs up snarling and hissing like like she's being attacked and backed into a corner with her claws out and fur puffed right out. She then looks at me with a goofy look and snuggled up and went back to sleep lol

Anyone ever have that happen?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
No, in all my years of Savannah ownership (12) and breeding (10 years), I've not experienced that!

Either it is as Mark suggests and a bad dream...or if this happens again, I might wonder about something like feline hyperesthesia or seizure disorder or something?

SV Dad

Savannah Super Cat
The only thing I ever saw was the cat bearing her teeth and giving little angry meows. Eyes closed and snoring moments later.


I agree with Brigitte...never have seen or heard of this behavior. If it happens again...I would not pass this off as normal. I have never seen this in my cats and it would really concern me.