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Savannah occasionally throwing up


Savannah Super Cat
Hey Everyone,

Our Savannah has recently started to throw up though is still eating, high energy and very much herself in every other way. This morning we decided to check her stool and found that shes been eating my wifes hair.

Would the hair cause her to throw up? and should we be worried that there is some stuck in her belly?

Any advice would be appreciated!


Site Supporter
I have one that eats plastic. Plastic from the case of cat food or water. If I don't catch her right away, she throws up soon after.


Staff member
I think it's very possible that the hair is causing her to throw up, and if the hair is long it could get stuck and cause ongoing issues. Of course it could be something completely unrelated. Since it's persistent I agree with Paige, she should be checked by a vet.


Savannah Super Cat
Poor Lyra Bean is not going to like going to see Dr Eaglefeather for a check up :(. Breaks my heart to hear her cry in her carrier. But, it is definitely warranted....

So nice to have such a supportive and helpful Savannah Community out there :). Thanks so much for the advise everyone!!!


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I know what you mean...I brought Cinny tot he vet today, but took Ixas to keep her company..I had to leave her for a few hours and he cried all the way home...and then he cried at home and tried to open the door...

She creid all the way home from the time a little nutricalm may be in order...