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Savannah Smell


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Rafiki continues to defy the odds. At the time of diagnosis in January, she was given less than 2 weeks without treatment and 2 months with. It is now almost 10 months and she is now on a monthly chemo of Mustargen and Vinblastine.

She has quite the cocktail of meds to take daily because the initial chemo triggered a heart murmur. So daily meds include pimobendan (heart), 2 kinds of diuretics, potassium, plavix, only 5 mg of prednisolone (because of the heart issue) and pepcid ac. along with Cerenia for 6 days post treatment and a 10 day round of antibiotics because she remains on a raw diet. I mash up the meds with some holistic meds (approved by the oncologist) so that she receives 1 capsule in the morning and 2 in the evening.

We have incorporated an entire routine around her meds where she gets pets and cuddles before being pilled and freeze dried treats immediately after so she is receptive to being pilled. She actually runs to the bathroom and jumps on the counter to be pilled. We are keeping her on the heavy side to help her deal with the days when she is very finicky so she is weighing in at just over 20 lbs whereas her ideal weight is 18.5 lbs.

She is her adorable bratty self and I am so happy that I decided to fight this with everything at my disposal. Photo is from this past week - she was giving me stink eye because I was trying to get her to look at me for the photo!

Eixi Olive

Call me a crazy cat man but .....I have a Savannah that smells like warm toast
Yes! That would be what I’m noticing. And of course the lovely Frito feet.

Ninja, its wonderful Rafiki has you and I hope she continues her path to recovery! That looks like a very nice scene for her stroll there

I’m really hooked on these cats. Now I’m thinking about getting Olive a companion. She’s about 6 months. What’s a good time frame to introduce a new kitten and not spark any jealousy or resentment?


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Keep them in different areas/rooms.. Let them smell each other through doors.. Then they should be ok to move about doing there introduction supervised.
Don't let them hide under beds etc.

One will become the alfa..

My breeder had good advice
Since i was introducing 2 new cats to a 2 dogs 2 cat house hold allready..

Everyone is happy

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Eixi Olive

I’m going to go visit an F5 on Monday. As Olive is maturing she has so much playtime energy. We have a nice layout with steep carpeted levels, and track like circles, all free of objects for her to race around and we try and provide mental stimulation as much as possible. I’d say 30 minutes of intense play, and hour and a half of soft play/ mental stimulation/ interaction, and 15 hours of deep sleep. She sometimes gets so riled up during the intense play (which she chooses) I’m afraid she’ll hurt herself. She has immense strength but not awareness of her body yet. Does anyone have Savannah kittens that jump and miss?! My heart skips a beat!!! And she’s always seeming fine

2 of our walls are floor to ceiling windows which I think are a burden and a blessing with this Munchkin Olive. She freaked when she just finally spotted a squirrel (A-hole Mr. Squirrel, get out of Olive’s backyard!)

So if I road Olive’s development out until next Spring for a mate would that be to stressful for her? I’ve only had 1 other girl cat and that was for 20 years. Should I even focus on the sex of a mate for her? Or just go with my instinct?

This is such a great forum of info and advise!

And here is Olive during nap time today


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Olive is definitely not the first Savannah kitty to leap and miss. Savannahs seem to go through a particularly clutzy period during their development.

In my experience, the longer you wait, the "potentially" harder it will be to introduce a new kitty, and girls seem to warm up to a new boy rather than a new girlfriend, but nothing is written in stone, so thre is nothing wrong in going with your instinct.

Eixi Olive

Thank you Patti! I needed to hear about the klutziness from other Savannah Moms!

It’s really intense and I know she is a Lamborghini Cat but it’s important that she is still a tiny sweet kitten and dutifully protected!

Many thanks. Your advice also feels solid. Bottom line this cat Olive, and any other I introduced will be ride or die family so I’m cautious and appreciate of any advice/ experiences.
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LOL. Savannahs have the perfect athletic body but..... not all tall humans are made to be basketball players and the same goes with Savannahs. They are insanely clutzy as little shittens! You keep thinking with those long legs and lean bodies that they SHOULD be able to make that leap but alas they often miss!