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Savannah w/Maine Coon as Outcross?


Savannah Super Cat
As some of you may know (thanks for your answers to my many questions!), we are in the process of choosing our first Savannah.

One kitten we have come across is a male F6A, the result of an F5 SBT bred to a Maine Coon. I am not interested in showing, so that's not an issue for me, but I am curious about what this sort of cross would look like in an older kitten or grown cat. Anyone out there have one? I have seen the photos of "King" from WildStreak Cattery (gorgeous), but King was an F1 (Serval-Maine Coon cross).

In this case, it is a later generation Savannah bred to a Maine Coon. Would anyone have an example of what an older kitten or cat would look like? Information on temperament, etc.?

This is one of a few kittens we have narrowed our research down to, so any information would be greatly appreciated. The breeder is an established one with many years of experience and is TICA registered, so no qualms there.

Thanks in advance!


Staff member
I've not heard or seen any later generation Savannahs outcrossed to a Maine Coon so can't tell you how it will look as an adult, but knowing the Maine Coon's personality and having an F1 with a Maine Coon mother I think that the kitten will likely grow up both very large, and very friendly and loving. Has the breeder had previous litters using this crossing? If so, I would ask for pics of the previous kittens.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I agree with Patti that probably what would be expected would be a big friendly kitty. In terms of temperament I would expect maybe the Maine Coon to temper the exuberance of the Savannah heritage (although I have a friend with SVs and a MC and he's the troublemaker! )

In terms of looks you would see some effect of the Maine Coon on the Savannah shape too...likely somewhere between what we want in a Savannah and what you would want in a Maine Coon. The cat would inherit traits from both sides... so you would have to be attracted to both breeds to want a cross between them :)


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you all for this feedback! I think we are looking for that higher energy Savannah temperament, but we are learning a great deal as we go and this was good information. Thanks again and much appreciated.


Savannah Super Cat
The only other purebred cat I have had was a MC. He was the most laid back, sweetest cat. Nothing bothered him! He had the tiniest meow, it was actually really funny to hear coming out of that great big cat. As far as high energy, be careful what you ask for! Last night was Late Night with Crazy Savannahs. I actually kicked them out of my bedroom, which hasn't happened in awhile. The third time of things calming down and me thinking they were finally going to sleep when someone did a flying leap onto the other starting The Great Chase part 82 was enough. It was 2am, and my patience had worn thin. They are, of course, both passed out snoring on my bed right now. They are tired after all that staying up and being bad!
The only comment I'd have here is I'd ensure the MC outcross is definitely HCM tested if I were to buy a MC x Savannah kitten. While HCM is the number one cardiac disease in all cats, it is a major killer in Bengals, MCs, Sphynxes, and one or two others.


Savannah Super Cat
Thank you all for this advice!!

Becki, heaven knows why, but we seem to really like a mischievous temperament. Our male, Fletch, is a handsome mixed breed we rescued three and a half years ago. What drew us to looking for a Savannah is Fletch's personality - always interested in what we are doing, comes or talks back to us when we call him, shreds tp and paper towels like a madman and is fascinated with water. He figures things out so well it's almost a little creepy sometimes. Loves to fetch, super pushy and generally wants to be worshipped at all times ;)

So we started trying to find a cat more like him, and found the Savannah breed while researching - hence the search for a Savannah kitten. We do have another rescue, and we love her, but she is very quiet, shy and keeps to herself. Outgoing, clever and demanding are more of what we are looking for...hence the question about the Maine Coon / Savannah cross temperament.