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Savannah, water and aquarium


Savannah Super Cat
Hi everyone,

I read on this forum, savannah very like water.

I have one aquarium in my kitchen, what is your advice about this ? The tank is an aquascaping, so only shrimp in the tank, but a lot of water!



Savannah Super Cat
I think it should be okay as long as there is a lid on the tank. If there is no lid then at some point the cat will find an interest in it, and try to play with it/in it more than likely. As long as there is a secure lid that doesn't let the cat reach in, it shouldn't cause any problems.


Site Supporter
You definitely need a secure lid! Otherwise you may find that your furkid is using it to drown assorted toys and a variety of your personal items. According to Rafiki, socks belong in water.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I agree, not just a lid but a very secure one. With reinforcements.

If the Savannah is anything like mine, they would make it their life's mission to get into the aquarium...


Site Supporter
We have a 205g aquarium in our living room, and a 12g nano in our bedroom.
The nano has a secure lid.
The 205g is rimless (ultramodern look). It replaced a 55g rimless tank we had previously, which the cats were not interested in.
They are interested in the 205.
One of the cats balances on the 1/2" glass.
He has fallen in once.
A second cat has taken to hanging from the glass. The third jumps at the tank and batts at the fish and shrimp on the other side of the tank.
Get a cover. Ideally, a canopy.


Staff member
Make sure it is sitting securely somewhere as well. You didn't mention how large it was but I have had a Savannah knock an aquarium off its shelf and shatter to pieces. They are definitely persistent little buggers - believe me that had to have taken a LOT of work to accomplish while I wasn't looking! :cry:


Savannah Super Cat
What you mean secure lid? My aquarium is an acrylic without top. I can cut something to put on, but not as safe i want.

I think i will need to do à choice.


Site Supporter
I have a mesh cover for our 205.
This is what our 205 looks like (with different livestock obviously):
My "stylish" aquarium is a pain in the neck with 3 SVs.
Mickey routinely dismantles it/puts holes in it when he is trying to get a good look at the fish. He is the cat who hangs from the tank, paws hooked over rim. I'll see if I can pull a photo of our cover from RC so that you can see it (I'm traveling or I would snap a photo for you).
I had an acrylic cover for our 205. The boys slid it OFF THE TANK and crashed it into the floor.
I would build a canopy.
You will need it.
We got rid of our 45g cube because Diablo liked to stand on top of the glass top (and bat at the T5 fixture- we have reef tanks).

This is our 12g nano:


Savannah Super Cat
I thinking about this,

I can put the two tank in the same room with a lock on the door ? So they can't go in the room with those tank ?

Here i pic, i want switch them. The setup of the 55g in the 20g, and the 20g in the 55G.

At this moment, the 20G rimless have ADA aquasoil, CO2 injection etc.


Trish Allearz

Yeah, closing them out can be doable. Not always the easiest route, but doable.
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