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Savannah Weights

John Popp

Site Supporter
I'd like to start collecting some data on generational weights of Savannahs. There is lots of misinformation in the media and unfortunately also on some breeders sites. The more data collected, the better the confidence levels.

Clearly there are always outliers and the mission here is not to dispel that large or small cats don't exist in a generation, but rather stress how remote the possibilities are for a 25lb Savannah. I think this will be helpful information to have when people who are supporting our breed in front of states legislators have real data on what our breed weighs and just how rare these large examples are.

I have done plenty of statistical work in the past, primarily in political arenas but also a paid gig for an NBA team. The NBA stint was a lot of fun, but unlike baseball NBA coaches really want to stay at arms length from it. Not that they don't absorb the numbers but much more inclined to make their decisions with their gut than any statistical evidence.

So what I am looking for is the generation, sex and weight of your Savannah. They should be at minimum 3 years of age and given enough data I should be able to hit 70% confidence levels that a specific generation and sex should fall into a range. Again, there are going to be outliers and some generations like F2s will likely have a broader range.

Again, what I need is the weight, sex and generation of your Savannah and the assurance they are at minimum 3 years of age. If I missed anything let me know.


John Popp

Site Supporter
Thanks Niels, I'm hopeful that I get enough responses to provide some meaningful data. A mean weight for all Savannahs which I'm sure will be lower than even many here suspect. The sooner we get past the idea that these are huge cats, the sooner we get to having people outside the community speaking of their positive attributes.


Staff member
Taj - 15 pounds F6 SBT - 3.5 years old

But remember that weight is NOT an indicator of size...

Zuri - 7.5 pounds - F4 SBT - 2 years 9 months

John Popp

Site Supporter
Yes for sure on the size/weight thing. I thought about doing the length and height, but know that they aren't exactly the most cooperative creatures when you wave a measuring tape in front of them.

Also, pretty sure Taj is a male an Zuri is a female.

John Popp

Site Supporter
I definitely need to have the sex of the cats. if there is a direct correlation to weights of females and males that can be expressed as a percentage in any generation that would be good to know.


Savannah Super Cat
Mine are all neutered males. Their weight also varies between seasons, which is why I put a range on mine.


Savannah Super Cat
Do they still gain much weight after the age of 2 ?

Because you ask age 3+.

I don't really know how long they are growing but i assume they do the most untill the age of 1.
then a bit from 1 to 2. And from 2 to 3 years they grow very little to nothing.

I don't have anything to base this on, i don't even know from where i got it.
But i would like to know if this is somehow correct or not.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Simboya, F6C neutered male. 13 pounds. 3 years.
Paris, F7SBT intact female. 6 pounds. 4 years.
Mokhali, F7A intact male. 10 pounds, 3 years.
Tart, F3B intact female. 8 pounds, 4 years.