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Savannah Xmas Hijinx with food


Savannah Super Cat
For their Xmas breakfast this morning I introduced them to chicken hearts and gizzards. This is proving entertaining, but will undoubtedly lead to one heck of a cleanup.

They are carrying pieces all over the house, taking them from each other, etc. Yeti growls a little tiny growl when another cat tries to get to his piece. Yuki found a 'safe' place to eat a gizzard (on top of one of my books!).

Paz isn't quite sure of the parts yet so he is following the others and observing closely.


Animal Communicator
Merry Christmas to your furry friends! They must love that...Zeddie got a duck foot as her treat

John Popp

Site Supporter
Sounds like an entertaining morning. It also sound that much like our cats, everything not placed through the grinder is a toy of the utmost importance and must be carefully guarded.


Staff member
One of the pitfalls to feeding raw that is not ground - they love 'protecting' their food by hauling it off to secret places to eat, or to stash for another day...


Staff member
I have this problem with feeding whole prey and feed it in the bathroom with the door closed...if I do not, Zuri, Ixas and Cinny will run around the house with chicks in their mouths...entertaining for them...not so much for me ;)


Staff member
I just let my kitties have some trimmings off the pork tenderloin (my son made spicy pork stir fry for Christmas dinner!) and yup - they wanted to hide while eating! Fortunately I made the pieces small enough so they could down them fairly quickly...


Savannah Super Cat
Not as exciting as gizzards or duck feet, but Kovu and Nyah both stole waffles this morning. Snatched and ran like the dickens with waffles hanging out of their mouths! I was running behind them yelling "everything is not for you two!" I don't think they believed me.