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Savannah's and Ferrets



I will try to get more pictures, but so hard sometimes to do. All are crazy to chase each other, roll over the place to have a great time with each other. My cats and ferrets get along super great!!


Staff member
Just to show people how good savannah's are with other SMALL animals. we have two ferrets here and many of my savannah's play with them without any harm. The ferrets I have to watch for when they get to excited about all, not the Savannah's!!!
Enjoy the pictures!!!
How adorable!!! Trish can probably use these on her blog!!!


Ferrets are great! My sister who has Keljin also owns a ferret and they get along well too. Hopefully she will post her pics also!


Yes I agree :) Ferrets and cats go great together, as long as both are properly introduced and socialized from the start. I don't have too many pictures of Keljin and Winry, as you mentioned its very hard to get good pictures!! They are always zipping all over the house and tumbling. Here are a few of what I have so far.