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Savannahs and shift work


I work shifts and i'm normally out the house for 10hours+. I would like a savannah but i'm concerned about leaving a kitten/cat alone for so long.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to manage having a savanah and working shifts?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think that if a cat is to be left alone for long stretches, there is a definite possibility that they would need a companion kitty... else you might come home to a cat that has made their own fun in possibly destructive ways...

You will also find it hard to come home and expect to go straight to bed...the cat will be storing up energy waiting for playtime when their human comes home...


Staff member
I typically work 10-12 hours a day, 5-7 days a week, but I have several Savannahs. I find that Savannah-proofing your home is the most important step (they will definitely 'help' you with this project). Providing adequate enrichment to keep it entertained, e.g., cat trees, indestructible interactive toys, cat videos on auto-replay, etc is equally important. Finally, a companion is often the best solution for a cat left home alone. Companionship can keep your furry friend from seeking alternative forms of entertainment (aka trouble). It doesn't have to be another Savannah, but an equally active breed such as an Abysinnian or Bengal, or an active and fun loving breed such as the Highlander.

Also, cats really do sleep a lot, but of course that means if they sleep while you're gone they will be rarin' to go as soon as you get home. So when you do get home you will want to establish a routine, e.g., feed at the same time, play (wand toy, fetch, etc.) at the same time(s) of he day, take a walk (on a leash and harness of course) at the same time each day. Cats like routine and it seems to help keep them out of mischief - sometimes at least! :rolleyes: